Portrait photography for magazine covers and articles

Marigo Lemou-Patitsa's portrait photography

One of my works published in ELNAVI magazine was the summer issue 487, July-August of 2014. The project targeted the main interview with Marigo Lemou-Patitsa of the «Atlas Maritime Ltd», member of one of the most esteemed business families of Greece, who possesses a fleet consisting of cargo ships. 

It was a photo shoot  with great emotional interest as Mrs. Lemmou chose to be photographed next to paintings depicting milestones for the career path both herself and her wider family, ie a cargo ship, a picture of her parents-founders of the company, and also by a painting of her sons, executives of the firm, and the future of family business.

Samples of my cooperation with "ELNAVI" can be fount in the Issues of July-August 2014, September 2014, October 2014 and June 2015.