katerina nomikou portrait

About me

I am Katerina Nomikou. I was born in Piraeus and, at a young age, was introduced to the art of photography through an enchanting process: My uncles, who were professional photographers, were travelling around the world and every summer, were showing us photos of all the “magical” places they visited. Africa, New Zealand, Cuba, Andes, the Alps, were all there, right before my eyes! By the age of 10, I had already decided to devote my life to photography of both landscapes and portraits, but mostly feelings. 
I graduated LEICA’s academy of creative photography in 2001 and attended various workshops organized by the famous photographer, Nikos Ekonomopoulos. 
From 2003 till 2012, I worked as a photojournalist - correspondent for the Athens news agency and till today I cooperate with “Eurokinissi” photo agency and all the major publishing associations of Greece. 
Many of my photos have been published in Greek newspapers (“To Vima”, “Ta nea”, “Kathimerini”, “Ethnos”, “Saronic Magazine”,) and magazines ( “Geotropio”, “Gastronomos”). Some of my photos have also been published in travel guides and photo leucomas. My aforementioned yearning to capture people’s feeling with my camera, motivated me to get involved in wedding and christening photography. By capturing and imprinting the ritual of the ceremonies, I have the chance to actually preserve the feelings of the people involved, through time. I face that challenge, not as a duty, but as a way of living. 
For me, real beauty lies in simplicity and naturalness, in the real feeling. This is obvious, both through my discreet way of photographing, and through the minimalistic and “unaffected” style of my photos. The presentation of happiness, emotion and love is my passion. Truth and respect are my absolute ethical standards.