Elnavi-Lemou-Katerina Nomikou Maritime Photography

Maritime Photography for magazines

Collaboration with distinguished journals and newspapers

In the course of my lengthy professional presence I have worked as freelancer photographer for a number of widely recognized journals and newspapers. Every cooperation added considerable experience adding new features in my work. Especially working for magazines with specialized field required high quality and consistency.

Photograph for a magazine in the field of maritime 

A special chapter in my lengthy working experience as a maritime photographer for press is the collaboration with the well-known monthly shipping review “ELNAVI”.   

“ELNAVI”, a specialized magazine contains useful news from the world of maritime business, interviews of famous persons of Greek and international merchant shipping and financial news, all sea-related. “ELNAVI” is the oldest and most prestigious Greek magazine in the field of maritime business, with roots tracing back in 1974, with more than 4,000 subscribers following since it’s establishment.

Coverage of VIPs and various maritime business events 

Collaboration with “ELNAVI” was multilevel and consisted not only of some cover photos, and interviews, but included coverage of various corporate events, exhibitions and conferences, related with maritime matters. These aforementioned projects consisted not only for photos for magazine’s cover, but also for the story in the internal pages. Corporate portraits, landscapes, workplace photos were included, as the requirements of every Issue were quite different and fairly challenging.

Samples of my cooperation with "ELNAVI" can be fount in the Issues of July-August 2014, September 2014, October 2014 and June 2015. July-August 2014 issue was about an indoor portrait photography of Mrs Marigo Lemou-Patitsa, while October 2014 issue was about an outdoor corporate photography of Mr George Patentas. September 2014 issue was about a corporate portrait photography of Navarino's Executives. The last issue was about conference and dinner gala photos from INTERTANKO annual event in 2015.

To work with an esteemed magazine is an important aspect of every photographer’s job experience, and I was glad to be a part of “ELNAVI” successful project.

It’s obvious that every photoshooting for maritime magazines was a great profit for me as I had the rare opportunity leading figures of national and worldwide shipping. 

I tried through my job just to ascribe the style befitting a magazine internationally recognized and to persons every time constituted the main subject. It was a difficult challenge but the overall result exceeded all expectations, which made my very proud and happy at the same time.