Cristening at Agia Anastasia Church- Nea Ionia

Christening at Agia Anastasia Church in Nea Ionia - Jason 

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Sunday, November 30  2013, Agia Anastasia, Nea Ionia.

The christening of little Jason celebrated on the last Sunday of autumn, on November 30, 2013 at the Church of Saint Anastasia of Nea Ionia, Attica. It was a baptism that took place in a very warm family environment, since the parents of little Jason, Christina and Thomas opted to keep this very pleasant and special moment in a tight circle. The decoration of the church was austere and chaste, and favors that were distributed to the guests was quite elegant and in earthy colors. The prevailing color of the decoration was violet due to the Jason's love at lavender.

After the ceremony guests and family enjoyed the sweets offered, which followed by reception in a restaurant, where all together, relatives and friends were able to wish and to honor with their presence little Jason.


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