Double christening in Sounio - Dimitris & Melina

Double christening for two little cousins

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Saturday, August 30, 2015, 18:00, Sounion.

In the afternoon on the last Saturday of summer set up the setting for the christening two adorable kids, Dimitris and Melina. A special double baptism as the children are first cousins and their parents (Stelios and Maria's parents of Dimitris, Jan and Chryssanthi parents of Melina) decided to share this so important day for their families.

It was a unique baptism, filled with aromas of the surrounding trees and flowers flanking a particularly beautiful landscape, but also with the color of the dominating blue sea of Sounion. Preparations have already begun on Saturday morning at the summer house of the family, which would host the reception in its spacious garden, after the Mystery.

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After the settlement of all outstanding issues, such as the preparation of the reception area and inflating balloons, children and parents covered walking the short distance that separated the house from the Church Saint Stylianos Sounion where was to be hosted the Sacrament. There were waiting guests and relatives, under the warm afternoon sun, which added a special color to this festive day.

Apart from the plain, yet elegant decoration, the festive was special for both the invitation which turned into paper boats, and the handmade bonbons that thrilled everyone with their style.

Photographing this baptism wasn’t limited to the Sacrament itself, but practically lasted a whole day, covering preparations from morning to afternoon, the ceremony, closing with the reception which followed in the yard of the family cottage at Cape Sounion, with rich dishes curated by chef Sotiris Evangelou, known from his work in the hotels "Great Britain" and «King George».

There, the guests had the opportunity to have fun with dances and songs which lasted till the morning. Alongside reception Athena sister of Dimitri, and Emilia-Danae, sisters Melina, were playing with newly baptized their siblings and other children, relatives and guests.

It was a special christening, perhaps one of the most beautiful that I have covered in my professional path and photographic result absolutely satisfactory, which pleased me even more, because through all the preparation that lasted one day I felt myself  part of this celebration.

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