Awarding of honorary plaque to the captain of Blue Star Delos by the President of the Piraeus Port Authority, Sunday, January 1, 2012.

On Sunday, January 1, 2012 the president of the Piraeus Port Authority and former Merchant Marine Minister (among others) Mr. George Anomeritis awarded honorary plaque to the captain of Blue Star Delos mr. Dionysatos Demetrios, as the vessel was the first who arrived at the port Piraeus after the turn of the year.

The nice and simple ceremony held the day of the New Year at noon in Blue Star Delos, the ship which made the first entrance for the New Year to the largest port in the country. The president and CEO of the Port of Piraeus, George Anomeritis handed honorary plaque and books to the master, Captain Demetrios Dionysatos and with the wishes expressed hope that 2012 could be a good year for passenger shipping.

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The ceremony was also attended by the Piraeus’s Hellenic Cost Guard Commander in Chief, Commodore (CG) mr. Batsolakis John, who also was in turn wished the captain and crew and handed honorary plaque.

To be on New Year's day in the port of Piraeus, watching such a moving event was the constant reminder that the naval job of the knows no holiday, and when all other rest, the sailor must remain focused on his task, on the waves. For this reason, the photographic coverage of the ceremony was something special for me, as a lover of maritime life and admirer of the people who serve it.

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