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Katerina Nomikou
Christening Photographer

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Christening is one of the most pleasant moments in the life of each family, and certainly a special day for the child itself. Naturally due to of little age may not be able to realize what happened that day, but certainly growing up any kid would be able to enjoy these moments while enjoying high quality photos of a professionally covered christening.

Besides what I have learned from my years of experience in photography social events, especially weddings and christenings, is that the most important is to allow photographer to capture with his lens not just some typical images from the Sacrament itself and church, but the emotions that dominate, and to keep alive over time.

If you choose to trust my services for this very pleasant moment for your child but also for your whole family, I think it is very important for the best photography of baptism to fully exploit the family and religious-spiritual character of the day.

During Christening all photos are focusing on mapping of each moment, the spontaneity of the child and the environment (internal church decoration, guests, etc.)

After baptism followed by photos with godfathers, parents, family, the wishes of the guests, the interior or the courtyard of the church and many beautiful photographs will be taken during the reception or the children's party that might follow!

Through this whole process, the main emphasis is to manage through the photo shoot to highlight every detail of baptism and the reception, however small it may be, with tact and respect your wishes!


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