One year after the start of COSCO’s operations in Piraeus

One year after the start of COSCO’s operations in Piraeus


On October 2, 2010 was completed a year after the launch of the Chinese company COSCO operations in the country and most specific it’s  business in Piraeus, Greece’s largest and most important port. This was celebrated with due emphasis on the visit of Prime Minister of Greece Mr. George Papandreou and Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China Mr. Wen Jiabao. 

Mr. Papandreou noted that Piraeus is converted in the presence of COSCO in transit hub of Chinese products in the region. He stressed that Greece and China will become pioneers in research, skills and training worldwide for navigation alternative energy sources. He also referred to the creation of the special Greek shipowner’s development fund which will help in building Greek ships in China.

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All this, the Prime Minister stressed that it is a vote of confidence in the Greek economy and the efforts you expend to get out of the crisis. He also said that the presence of the Chinese Prime Minister in Greece strengthened the strategic position of the two countries and strengthened the relations between the European Union and China.

Mr. Jiabao stressed that China will strengthen the special fund of 5 billion US dollars. He also said that it has agreed with Greece the research center energy-saving operation and emission reduction of shipping. He referred to cooperation in the field of education for the staff and for the plant modernization and expressed the belief that the Piraeus station will be the Mediterranean diamond.

The president of COSCO Group, Wei Jian Fu presented the plans of the company for the port of Piraeus, he said that by 2015 the station will be able to serve 3.7 million boxes.

Present at the event were important players of political and economic life of the country, diplomats and members of the Greek merchant marine. Of course present was also Mr. George Anomeritis, chairman of the Piraeus Port Authority, a lead personality in the completion of the COSCO-Greece pact back in 2009, a person with deep knowledge of the Sea, strengthened by his term as Minister of Merchant Marine back in the 2000s’.

I was very happy that I covered this event which marked a new beginning for the port of Piraeus, highlighting the importance and prospects the port has to play for the Greek and international economic life.

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