Annual Boat Show 2016

Annual Boat Show 2016

13 February 2016

Venue: Olympic Fencing Hall, Palaio Faliro


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My passion for the sea and my love to photograph maritime subjects, products and services associated with it necessitated my visit at this year's Boat Show held at the Olympic Fencing Center from 10 to 14 February 2016 in Palaio Faliro. Eventually I managed to visit the Show on Saturday, February 13th. The exhibition hall was crowded with people who had come from all parts of Greece, but also from different regions abroad.

Moreover the Boat Show is considered for many years a landmark for the developments in shipping, attracting thousands of lovers of the sea, while highlights an important sector of the Greek economy, with a dominant position in the international business environment. This year, despite the enduring economic crisis, was no exception. Among the visitors were amateur sea lovers and famous tycoons of Greek maritime industry.This in fact is the purpose of the exhibition, to satisfy both the simple ordinary person who is interested in sea, and the professional who wants to be updated on the current developments at international level.

Walking through the exhibition, i was glad to see impressive speedboats, brand new polyester boats, remarkable rubber-dinghy boats and sailing boats. There were booths for rental boats, marine engines of all budgets, equipment and boat accessories, diving equipment, cutting edge marine equipment and inflatables intended for water sports. As was also expected, the Boat Show brings together all the publications of magazines in the industry, as the attentive ON DECK and the Azimouthio.

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In the crowd of visitors, I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet a lot of friends and acquaintances, between them Captain Panagiotis Tsakos, founder of Tsakos Group, which I particularly appreciate.

Companies that had beautiful pavilions were Furuno, Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Olympic, FPT, Garmin, Pantaenius, BMtech, FNM, PraxisYachts, SailMarine, Lelis Diesel Marine, Kokkotas Ltd, Riginos Yachts. After a hot coffee at the exhibition’s bar, I left the Boat Show 2016 with the best impression, having decided when the time comes, what inflatable boat to choose.


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