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If i had to describe myself in just a few words, I wοuld choose simply the phrase “photographic storyteller”. As such, Ι love being an observer of real life, light and emotion.

Born and raised in Piraeus, Greece’s most important and historic port Ι have a keen interest for ships, ports, and every aspect of maritime life. It was a consequent decision to combine my passion for sea and ships with photography, being a professional maritime photographer for over 10 years, specialized in ports and ships, not only in Greece but also in worldwide spectrum.

My special interests include, among others, exterior shots of ships, no matter the type, a luxury yacht, a Ro-Ro, bulk-carriers, sailing boats, ferries, cruisers, port terminals and technical works on board. I’m also an enthusiast of ship-in-landscape photography, including aerial and onboard photography, including covering of sailing boats races and other nautical events.

Beyond land-based photoshooting, I also like travelling by ship having the opportunity to observe and understand in the same time crew’s everyday life, works conducted on board and the extremities of maritime professional’s life. Travelling on a Ro-Ro ship or bulk carrier, for instance, is a unique experience as you become a recipient of tons of information, images and feel full of strong emotions. The same emotions you feel as a member of a sailing ship, chasing the wind in Aegean Sea and Mediterranean, or enjoying your time in a leisure boat/yacht.

My multiannual (over 10 years) experience in maritime photography covers all aspects of naval life and purposes, both commemorative and commercial-advertising. During the past ten years accomplished a lot of memorable marine photoshooting projects, in ship launchings, naming ceremonies, covering banquets and exhibitions for naval life, maritime industry, among other instances like ship rebuilding, restoration and maintenance.

I enjoy covering my client’s vacation on board, with yacht or other leisure boats, giving live to their personal moments, in order to keep the eternal. This experience make me feel as a part of the project, not only a photographer, being in the place I love most; the Sea.

My work, consisting of all aspect mentioned above has been printed in different types and sizes, like painting canvas and post cards with a wide variety of options, fully customizable upon your requests and desires.

I also create commemorative albums, travel guides, front covers for magazines and other special issues on maritime (but not restricted) matters and stylized albums for covering sailing boats races and other occasions.


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WISTA Hellas Dinner 2016

WISTA Hellas Dinner 2016

WISTA Hellas Dinner 2016 

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